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FAQ's and Bulk Inquires

Why Coconut Soy Candles? Why not one or the other?

Our candles are made with a specialty of ratio we like to keep a secret. Our main ingredient is Coconut Wax with a touch of soy. But why blend, you ask? Coconut gives a nice creamy texture that makes our candles look beautiful through their entirety of their burn, and Soy Wax allows a stronger fragrance percentage into each candle, together formulating an amazing mix that helps optimize our wax.

How do I keep a clean and steady burn?

Upon the first burn, please make sure you are burning your candle to build a full melt pool. This helps make sure your candle doesn't tunnel, and you will get a nice even burn. Please make sure you burn your candle in increments of 3-4 hrs. Before each burn it is important to trim your wick, and do not extinguish with water!

Can the vessels be upcycled?

YES! We pride ourselves in reusable material, please note that all our vessels can be reused for planting, décor, or as a holder for any of your mystical magick.


Make it a Gift

Can I make an order for someone else?

Yes! We love spreading happiness and joy! Please make sure you input the correct shipping address and billing address, and once that is set, please add a note, and we will hand write it into a beautiful card on your behalf, 


Will the person see how much I paid?

A receipt will only be available to you to view and/or download from your Accounts Page! Your recipient will only see an itemized list of products on their packing slip. In other words - No, your special someone will not see what you paid!


Interested in Bulk Order/ Party favors

Can I get a discount if I want but multiple candles?

Yes! We love making candles for all sorts of events! We specialize our 6 oz candles to be wedding favors, gift basket add-ons or any marketing box addition. We can send samples of our wax melts, or meet via zoom to help narrow down your vision. Email us at to move forward with adding candles into your next pr box. We are also on Faire and have multiple options of items that already made. 


Can I choose how my candle get specialized for a bulk order?

Of course! We will work closely with you to help personalize the candles and make an effort to find as many scents that will help match your vision. We craft our candles in house and print our own labels, allowing us complete creative freedom to manufacture a luxurious experience.

I have a vision of certain candles but I do not see in your website, would you still be able to make them?

 Let us have a look! email us right away to and let us have a look. We are very experience with different candle vessels, and have great relationship with multiple manufacturers. This will require more of time line to insure we will have the items on time, so please consider sending us an email with at least 4 months previous to the event.  


What kind of party favors are do-able?

 We love working with all sorts of visions, but some of our favorites are bride maid candles, wedding favors, baby showers, quinceaneras birthday favors, marketing material, department seasonal gifts, sponsorship gift bag add-on's, personalized save the date reminders, birthday celebrations, graduation party favors, the possibilities are endless!